Thursday, October 9, 2008


If you want to put on a little bit of lipstick while riding the Metro in the morning, that’s really not a big deal. But when you decide to pull out your tackle box sized make-up case and start applying foundation things have gone too far.

The thick layer of foundation was followed by powder (which was spilled on my bag), then blush, then eye liner and then that eye lash thingy that looks like some kind of torture device straight out of A Clockwork Orange. Finally, the whole routine was topped off with the lip gloss. (Which for the record was neither poppin’ nor cool.)

Can we please make a deal? I promise not to shave or brush my teeth or put in my contacts on the Metro (and I hope it’s implied that I also promise not to spill any of the aforementioned items on you) if you promise to keep the mobile cosmetics to a bare minimum. Thanks.


tarra said...

yes, i'd like to make a deal with the people who clip their finger nails next to me on the bus.

eeb said...

i keep meaning to make a list of private-space things people do in the public space of the subway/bus. definitely nail clipping, also teeth flossing, jogging in place, and cursing/ blessing people who have not asked for it.

Adam said...

I really don't like when people at work tell me to have a blessed day. It's bothersome to me and I suspect one could make a case for calling it illegal in a government workplace.

I would love to see someone jogging in place while on the Metro.

Molly said...

i love that you made a lil' mama reference...nice work

Adam said...

What you know 'bout me? What you, what you know 'bout me?