Monday, October 6, 2008


I guess you could just brush it off as life in Santa Cruz, but I'm not sure I will meet anyone soon with a pet duck that they take out to the beach for walks. His name was Darkwing (although I thought the woman said Duckwin, in my opinion a better choice) and he waddled along behind his owner just as happy as could be.

When I turned on the faucet to wash the sand off my feet, Darkwing scooted away in a hurry. John was full of really excellent questions about the whole thing, "How could a duck be afraid of water?" and "What's going to happen when he starts flying?"

I can only assume that he will start wearing a mask and fighting crime every afternoon on weekdays at 4:30.


eeb said...

no photos? i have to use my imagination?

Adam said...

Yeah, sorry. I had just gotten out of the freezing cold ocean and didn't have a camera with me. He was a whitish yellow and very cute. He must have still been a juvenile.