Thursday, October 9, 2008

More Barbershop Wisdom.

"I tell you what; I lost a lot of money in the past few weeks. A lot of money. And this bailout thing for these big investment places? Please, I could have told you that would happen. The rich always find a way to stay rich. But the poor, well the poor have to stay on top of their game. Otherwise they’re going hungry.

But I lost a lot of money.

Hey, do you think I should get my hands insured? Some guy came in here and said I should get my hands insured because they’re my livelihood. I can’t cut hair with stumps!"


Paul said...

That's a spot on good quote there. I have to find a new barber I guess.

Adam said...

Yeah, the guys at the barbershop are wise in the ways of the world. And hair.