Tuesday, January 6, 2009


At the grocery store tonight the weight-loss magazine at the check out counter had the headline, “Yes You Can! Reach your ideal weight this year.”

Montel is selling commemorative Obama coins on basic cable.

And this morning I saw a bus covered in a huge ad for Ikea with their new, Change is Good campaign.

The guy hasn't even taken office yet and we're already selling his ideals in exchange for some cheap furniture and weight loss tips? That must some kind of new record.


Anonymous said...

America, fuck yeah!

Mike said...

my plan for change in 2009 involves sitting my ass down on a new Ikea couch, looking for commemorative quarters in between the cushions, and hoping that i lose seven pounds.

Anonymous said...

Did the weight loss mag also have a recipe for "Death by Chocolate?" They usually do.

Adam said...


I fully support this avenue of change for 2009. Let's discuss this strategy further over drinks.


I didn't get a chance to read the magazine in detail as the check-out lady politely asked me to, "get your shit up on the counter."