Saturday, November 14, 2009

It's in the Mail.

Greg Mottola, you've done it again. From the very first bars of The Replacements over the opening credits to Big Star, Lou Reed, David Bowie, Husker Du, The Jesus and Mary Chain and (just for you Luke) Crowded House; a really nice soundtrack all the way through.

The movie itself was well done, Jesse Eisenberg once again plays awkward well, that one girl from Twilight was in it, Martin Starr can do no wrong and Mottola even got an understated performance out of Ryan Reynolds. Two Guys and Pizza Place what?

The movie was marketed mostly based on Mottola's connection to Superbad, but there is no resemblance between the two movies.

I still find it a bit odd that I get Netflix here, but you won't find me complaining as long It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia and good movies like this keep finding their way out to me.

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Geoff S. said...

Such a solid movie. People compare Eisenberg to Michael Cera, but I think Eisenberg has serious acting chops compared to Cera, who is completely one note (which makes him wonderful in Arrested Development).

You should definitely see Zombieland when it is available to you as more proof of this point.