Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Fun in the Sun.

It was beautiful this weekend and Lydia and I walked along the Potomac down towards Mount Vernon. Along the way we saw a bald eagle carrying a fish in its talons and I got to perform a non-stop monologue of non sequiturs about whatever the hell popped into my head. Fortunately for me Lydia is very tolerant of my mental illness.

Anyway, we also watched this fat little man pop out from the ground and sun himself on a rock for a while. He didn't seem particularly frightened of people at all. I guess he's never been to a Chuck E. Cheese and seen the children wielding mallets.


Pata Fria said...

I heard this was a nice segway for the "ferret lady" story.

Adam said...

Yeah, but really what isn't a nice segue into the Ferret Lady story?