Sunday, April 26, 2009

...and Take Your Money.

When I told friends that I was going shooting at the range in Virginia they would always ask where the range was. It's Virginia I would say, don't they have gun ranges on every block?

Of course this is not exactly true but we did end up in a very strange industrial park that housed our shooting range along with a messianic Jewish synagogue, a tire repair place and a church. I guess it's sort of one stop shopping for the impending apocalypse.

As usual for me, half of the fun of the experience was simply getting to see all of the other people that came out to shoot on a beautiful Saturday. There was the father and son wearing military style gear and speaking in Polish, there was the middle aged woman wearing a We are Virginia Tech shirt, and there was the tall muscular guy who unloaded a full clip of perfect head shots in about 30 seconds the very first time he stepped up to the line.

I can't wait to get to go again.

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