Monday, March 30, 2009

Pink Table, Brown Drink.

The restaurant had pink plastic tables and a cocktail menu where all the drinks were $3.95, how could I resist?

My eyes immediately fell upon the Navy Grog. Normally, this name alone would have been enough to entice me to order it, but there was a description below the drink that made me desire it even more. Whereas most drinks have a brief description below them that explain what sort of contents one might expect to find within the drink, this was not the case with the Navy Grog. No, this particular libation had a much more mysterious and lyrical description.

Navy Grog: a 21 gun salute.

How could a reasonable person see such a thing on a menu and be expected not to order it? I for one could not resist the siren song of the Navy Grog. A stomach ache and some head spins later and I'm just happy to be alive to tell the tale.

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Alice in Blunderland said...

A favorite among the Seven Seas!