Sunday, September 18, 2011

Bad Habits

A slightly different take on a different young couple I saw this morning in Retiro Park.

I was running through the park, and while it was Sunday morning I assume that the couple I saw strolling by, blinking at the sun light, were not on their way to church. I say this because the young woman was wearing a tight black tube dress and high heels and the guy was wearing some sort of fashionable jeans and a dress shirt.

It was 9:30am.

My assumption is that after a late night of clubbing this couple had chosen the royal family's former gardens as a place to, uh well, as a place for their amorous adventures? That sounds stupid. How about let's just call it humping.

Anyway, the fun part about seeing them this morning, post-humping, was that the girl was teetering by in black high heels while the guy was carrying his shoes in his hand and walking in his socks. Through a public park. On a Sunday morning.

And this is how I know that I am truly old. My first thought: Oh, that's going to ruin his nice socks.

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