Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Bomb.

At an antique shop, talking with the elderly proprietor (in Spanish):

Excuse me ma'am, how much does that bomb cost?

The bomb is 100 euro, but it is on sale for 60 euro.

Oh, I see. Thank you.

(Note: This was not a translation error. This antique shop full of all kinds of over-priced junk included a foot-long, fin-tailed unexploded munition. Aside from being much more expensive than I thought a piece of rusting metal should be, I did not purchase this unexploded ordinance precisely because it was an unexploded ordinance. It was not disarmed, or defused. It was very likely a dud, but it still had the potential to harm people. So, we walked away from the bomb and thanked the store owner for her time. End Note.)

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