Thursday, November 4, 2010

Hand in Glove.

Didn't think I'd be so excited about a pair of children's Star Wars Lego gloves from Target; although to be fair I probably should have guessed I would be.

Seems a bit strange that only a few months ago I was figuring out ways to run in the 115+ degree heat, and now I'm buying gloves to run in the cold. I guess that whole tilted-axis-of-the-earth-causes-seasons thing is real.

Oh, and yeah I know you're asking the same question I am: What makes them Star Wars gloves? Shouldn't they be black with a white plate over the back of the hand like the Storm Troopers wear?

No idea. I just liked the blocks.


Jonathan Mckay said...

Maybe lego starwars?

Adam said...

Well actually, yes, that's exactly what they are. But what is Lego Starwars?