Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Game.

On the 92 bus towards U street:

Yeah, I'm on my way to see my son.  We're gonna watch the Redskins game tomorrow.  Hell, I've been watching them play every Sunday since I was a little man.  I moved to DC in 1982 when I was five years old, and watched them play the very weekend we moved in.  My dad and I use to sit around and watch every Sunday. 

I played football when I was a young man too.  Didn't get to go as far with it as I'd have liked.  Nope, the street life got to me and I had to leave school.  I think I could have gone farther if not for that.

Now I'm just working hard, all that is behind me; just looking forward to seeing my son -- and my grandson too.

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