Friday, June 25, 2010

It's a Dry Heat.

I ran track and cross-country through high school and have many fond memories of long afternoon runs along the American Rive bike trail.  We trained through early June and there were definitely days where we ran six to seven miles in the mid-afternoon heat that hovered around 95 degrees.

With that in mind I figured I could run in the desert too.  After all, a dust storm yesterday brought the daily high down to only 109, that's much better than 119.  So, with heavy dust still lingering in the air I made my way outside for a short run today.  Not really my best idea.

Thirty minutes later and I made it back home in one piece.  I want to say that the dryness was actually harder than the heat, but then when I got inside my house I sprawled out on the carpet for about 20 minutes and was unable to get up without feeling very dizzy.

I guess this means it's back to the pool for me.

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