Saturday, June 12, 2010

In the Dark.

When Omar said all he wanted to do in Bahrain was watch movies at the mall, I assumed he was using a bit of hyperbole; this was not the case. We left Riyadh after work and entered the Kingdom of Bahrain a little before midnight. After checking into the furnished apartment, we met up with a friend of Omar’s from Riyadh at a sheesha house nearby. We sat for about an hour and talked about money, the World Cup and cars. A typical evening hanging out.

The next morning, we were up by 9am and on our way to the movie theater at the mall by 10am. We bought tickets for Kickass! and Shrek: Ever After 3D as soon as we got in. Four hours later we took a half hour break for coffee and a waffle, and then it was back into the dark for Prince of Persia. After 90 minutes of a historically inaccurate movie based on a video game about Persians where American actors inexplicably had British accents, I was surprised to find that I had an appetite. We walked about 50 yards to a seafood restaurant, thus combining exercise (walking) and the (concept at least) of the outdoors.

For the evening’s finale, Paul and Omar bought tickets for Iron Man 2. Tameem and I had already seen this movie and we made the mistake of buying tickets for a romantic comedy/action movie starting Ashton Kutcher as a government assassin. We should have simply watched Iron Man 2 again. Better, we should have left the mall.

By midnight, over more coffee, we talked Omar out of trying to catch the midnight screening of whatever else was playing and headed back to the apartment. We made sure to get enough sleep before heading back to the mall the next morning and catching an early showing of Robin Hood before hitting the road back to Riyadh.

For those of your playing along at home, that makes 5 movies in 2 days; none of them were any good.

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