Wednesday, May 26, 2010


While visiting California last week Lydia and I went on a short hike with my parents. We drove up towards Colfax and didn't let the threat of rain stop us from wandering along a trail for about 45 minutes. Along the way I got to play with the digital zoom function on the camera and catch this wildflower.

On the way back we almost stepped on this snake sunning itself in the middle of the trail. It didn't seem to notice us gathered around taking pictures.

After the hike, we headed over to Nevada City for some lunch at Ike's Quarter Cafe, a really excellent New Orleans creole restaurant that serves all organic, locally produced food. According to their sign, Ike's has been 'keeping it Creole since 2001.' I can't really judge that for sure, but the food was good and we all left stuffed.

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