Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Art. History.

Primitive art. Graffiti. Storytelling. History books. Just passing the time.

Call it whatever you'd like, but there sure is a lot of it spread around this country. Some of it's pretty old too, like a few thousand years old. The dry air and general lack of people help preserve most of the drawings pretty well.

You won't find ostriches anywhere around here nowadays, but I've found enough pieces of petrified ostrich shell to understand why this was put on the rock. Somewhat reminiscent of the mother duck leading her baby ducks to school sign.

Ancient goat rodeo?

Gazelle on what were once grassy plains? Okay, much more likely that these depict the Oryx, a relative of the antelope.

That's not Arabic. Or Hebrew. Or Aramaic. It's a pre-Arabic Semitic script that has some similarities to all three languages. After all, the Arabian Peninsula would have seen travelers and traders who spoke many different languages.

Whoa, pre-James Cameron 3-D artwork. Cool.

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