Wednesday, September 2, 2009

On the Other Hill.

We wandered over to Georgetown University last weekend to look around at the campus. It just so happens that we were visiting during the freshmen orientation. This meant that there were several dozen groups of fresh-faced youngsters being led around by wizened elder classmates.

All this commotion made for a very distracting environment which allowed us to wander out onto a series of metal walkways on that back of some dorms that overlook the Potomac River. The walkways were suspended almost three stories high and met occasionally on large cement platforms that were just begging for a party to be thrown on them. I think the only campus with a nicer view from the dorms that I've seen were the beach front motels converted into student housing at UC Santa Barbara.

Afterward we walked back through the residential part of Georgetown and marveled at all of the beautiful houses and gardens. We even came across this fox hiding out as a door knocker.

It was a nice walk.


Kathleen said...

i think you can buy that at anthropologie, i saw it in the catalog today.

Adam said...

How funny that I thought it was some sort of old Georgetown door knocker from a previous era. Turns out you can get it at Anthropologie.