Monday, September 21, 2009

Corporate Outreach.

9pm on a Sunday and I'm trying to buy a half dozen chocolate donuts from the guy at the Dunkin' Donut shop a mile from my house. I really only want one donut, but by the time I get there I see the sole employee sitting by himself at a table staring out the window. I feel bad for him, he seems lonely and bored. Or maybe I'm just projecting.

I don't know why I thought ordering extra donuts would cheer him up, I doubt there's any kind of volume donut sales profit sharing agreement with Dunkin' employees worldwide, but I wasn't really sure what else to do. I asked the guy if he had any chocolate milk too.

"You like chocolate, huh?" he asked with a smile.

I agreed with him while fumbling with my cash.

He boxed up my purchase and handed it across the counter to me. "I see you again soon chocolate man," he waved as I was leaving.

And while most people would probably not describe me as chocolate, I think maybe I have a new friend.


Pata Fria said...

Can I repost this on Holla Back, Youngin?

Adam said...

Absolutely yes. In fact, can you post the link to it in the comments here?