Monday, August 24, 2009

Turn That Off.

We were walking by the White House today when I noticed one of the Secret Service agents in tactical gear holding a very strange looking weapon. I stood against the fence next to two 11 year old boys also staring at the gun. I wondered out loud what the gun was and one of the boys said, "It's a P90." I looked at him doubtfully and turned away. Why would an overweight child know what this gun was.

Ignoring the kid I shouted over to the Secret Service agent and ask what kind of weapon he was carrying. "It's a P90." Oh, I said. Is it folded up? "Nope, it's ready to go right now," he replied in a manner that was not meant to be menacing, but coming from a man wearing full combat gear and holding a loaded weapon, nonetheless was.

The kid looked over at me with a 'told-you-so' smile on his face. How did you know what that was, I asked.

"From videogames." Oh, how very reassuring.


Caitlin said...

When you said overweight child, I knew it. Games.

That is hilarious.

Cat said...

Kids these days... *grumble grumble grumble*

Kinda scary.

Adam said...

Yeah, but you gotta love fat kids who play videogames. What are they suppose to do, play outside?