Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Being a firefighter is probably about as cool as it sounds (how many jobs get to have the word fighter in them? Maybe three?), but it occurs to me that it has to be someone's job at the fire station to fold up all of the hoses after a fire.

Do firefighters have interns or does this job just fall to Doug, the new guy? You know, you're back at the station after putting out some fire and you're eating ribs and high fiving each other, talking about how awesome it was to put out that fire; and there's Doug over in the corner, quietly folding the hoses back onto the truck. He's doing a good job at it, really checking to make sure the creases are even, but you can tell he'd rather be hanging out with the rest of the crew.

I know it needs to be done and Doug's gotta pay his dues, but it would nice if you could include him in your parties every now and then.

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