Friday, November 14, 2008

Drawn to it.

I cannot draw. I simply do not possess the ability to render recognizable objects on paper with ink. This has been true my entire life with one exception. In the 4th grade I somehow managed to sketch out a vague approximation of an alligator.

I was very proud of my alligator drawing, but my friend Geoff thought it was ridiculous and made a point of telling me so. Since that time my drawing skills have not improved at all but I still like to draw my alligator every now and then just to bother Geoff with how truly untalented I am.

We’ll be out at a dinner with friends and I’ll draw a little alligator on my napkin with a pen and his only response will be, “Oh you and your stupid alligator.” Because I am very immature, this never fails to amuse me.

Yesterday I received a package from Geoff in the mail. Tucked inside was a note that read in part, “I can’t believe these guys aren’t paying you royalties.” Beneath the note was this towel from Pottery Barn Kids.

Thanks Geoff, the towel is great. I’m not worried about royalties, I’m just glad that my artistic genius is finally being recognized.


Geoff S. said...

Correction: I also made fun of your sailboat. And if I see that on another piece of Pottery Barn Kids linen then I may just have to boycott Pottery Barn Kids.

Adam said...

Of course you are correct and if Pottery Barn Kids makes a sailboat towel then things are truly out of control.

tarra said...

wait, i really want to see the sailboat.