Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Hitting the Books.

Samer wrote the words BAD and FATHER on the white board in huge block letters. He was trying to explain the different pronunciation of the 'AH' sound in my language class.
Naturally, I spent the rest of the three hour class distractedly worried about Samer's relationship with his father and how it was unconsciously manifesting itself in his teaching.
I've been away from structured learning for a little bit too long.


Dan said...


(I don't want to write too much, lest you analyze it and reach frightening conclusions)

Geoffrey said...

Have you heard of the show "In Treatment"? It's a program on HBO where you just listen to one session between this therapist and his patients. Apparently it aired each day of the week and each episode is short, but you see the same people each day of the week every week. I'll send it to you if you're interested. Although this may not help you with your language learning. By the way, what language are you learning? If a fellow by the name of Samer is teaching the class, I imagine you are learning Arabic? This has been a long comment.

Adam said...

That was a long comment. I do not have HBO. I am still busy with my Netflix version of Deadwood. After that is done, I have Weeds and Dexter waiting for me.