Sunday, February 24, 2013

The Pyrenees. (Without war elephants)

They say that Hannibal marched his army of war elephants over the Pyrenees and later through the alps to attack northern Italy. Tough guy (and tough elephants).

It took us about six hours to drive from Madrid up to the mountains, and we had the benefit of several tunnels cut into the mountains and an all-wheel drive Japanese car.

Deep in the Spanish Pyrenees, about 15 miles from the French border, we spent a long weekend at Baqueira Beret, the largest ski resort in Spain. The mountain is actually three mountains, and was way more than I could cover in just two days on the slopes.

Great snow and lots of opportunities for steeps and cliffs. It snowed the entire time we were there (which is not a bad thing in my book), but it means now photos from the actual slopes. After a day of skiing, Lydia and I drove through the valley with a few stops along the way for pictures.

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