Thursday, October 25, 2012

To the Top.

Did I mention that we were riding bicycles? We were riding bicycles. And on this day we were riding to the highest point on Brac, a little over 2,500 feet up up up. Anyway, as I was climbing one of the last steep sections, very slowly, I noticed this beetle and decided to stop and take a photo. A dung beetle! I'd never actually seen one outside of the National Geographic channel.
After I got my photo and climbed back on the bike, I was having a lot of trouble getting my feet back into my toe cages. After a few moments I realized that was because I was having trouble controlling my legs. Because that's how tired I was. Not a great sign. About 10 minutes later I'd made it to the top and was able to take a rest and drink some water. The view was worth it.

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