Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Just in Case.

Back in the US for a short visit, and while up early due to jet lag I was wandering the streets of downtown Chicago on a weekday morning. It was cold and not much was open, so when I passed by an open barbershop I stopped in.

Alfredo was sitting in a barber chair reading the paper, and I asked if he was open for business. An older Italian-American, Alfredo looked at me with a smile, "Of course I'm open, what else I'm doing around here."

He then turned the radio on to a station that only played old Italian songs and got his scissors out.

"Look at this magazine here, and tell me if you can find a single picture of an ugly woman in there." Alfredo shoved a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue at me while he arranged my chair. Not wanting to be rude, I flipped through the magazine while he got to work on my hair.

"Well, you find any ugly ones yet?" I told him no, but that I'd keep looking just in case.

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