Saturday, September 4, 2010

Buy Dairy! (V)

Right , right, I know this is not dairy. But I wanted to show that box drinks with animated characters were not limited to milk products only.

I don't know this guy's name (perhaps we should just call him Caesar Jr.) but I do really appreciate that he has a bird resting on his head. Nothing relaxes me more than just kicking back against a pile of mangoes with a bird on my head and stretching out.


Ben said...

I like the olive branches on his head à la Caesar. I hear that there's a few towns in the far south of Saudi that wear them as part of festivals etc. etc.

Perhaps the falcon is trying to nest?

Adam said...

Yeah, down in the Asir Province there are some guys that wear flowers in their hair.

Definitely nesting potential.

Ben said...

Flowers in their hair? Are they going to San Francisco?